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Ennox biogas technology

Manufacturer of gas technical components for bio, sewage and landfill gas plants. Ennox biogas technology was founded in 2011. With an international team of experienced biogas professionals and technicians, we are a leading supplier of biogas technology and equipment in Europe. At Ennox we specialize in gas fare technology, servicing all aspects of biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas technologies.

Ennox biogas technology embraces its roll, not only as an international component manufacturer and supplier, but also as a competent partner during the design, construction and support of gas systems in the agriculture, environment and energy industries. Our engineers draw upon years of experience in the building of biogas systems and make their knowledge and abilities available for all design and problem solving tasks. We ofer maintenance and customer support agreements for all the products and solutions we deliver, in order to ensure the long-term support of our customers as well as the ongoing availability of our components. As a special we can provide a gas fare and gas sack system on a contractual basis at short notice.


• Use of quality materials

• Customer care and handling by competent contact partners

• Products are factory pre-assembled

• Compliance with applicable regulations such as ATEX, DVGW, TA-Air and EN-Norms

• Modular designs with professional standard solutions

• We plan and also produce customized special solutions

• Quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008

• According to manufacturer AD2000 leafet HP0 and EN ISO 3834-2

We offer:

• A dynamic team and fexible approach that is able to respond to your needs

• Maintenance and service agreements either for one or more years

• Years of experience in developing large-scale international projects

• Stainless steel processing by certified Austrian specialists

• One-time maintenance or service upon request

• Checking/inspection of gas technic system components on bio or sewage gas systems

• Consultation on safety in the operation of gas systems

• Check of explosion proofing

• Gas fare or gas sack system available for rent

Our service technicians are fully authorised and certified according to TRBS. They bring many years’ experience and are constantly kept up-to date with regular further training.