Gravel filter


 Gravel Filter GRF

Gravel Filter GRF

The gravel filter enables the coarse filtration of the biogas by passing through a gravel layer. Foreign particles, foam and condensate are removed and channelled to a drainage point.
The filter can be easily accessed through a screwed cover for cleaning. Contamination can be easily removed without the need for opening the cover by rinsing with water.

The gravel filter is available for various volume flow rates and pressures. As an option we provide accessories i.e., gravel removal flange or differential pressure gauge.


• Simple, maintenance free design

• Low pressure loss

• Easy access through screwed cover

• Removal of condensate through siphon

• Inlet and outlet connections for pressure gauges

• Manufactured entirely from 1.4571 stainless steel

• Made in Austria


• Gravel removal opening through screwed flange

• Equipped with pressure gauges for differential pressure indication

• Rinse system with ball valve and spray nozzle

Gravel Filter GRF Datasheet Download PDF