High temperature flare

 High Temperature Flare NOXtreme

High temperature flare NOXtreme

The high temperature flare is the further developed NOXmatic flare for the safe and low-emission combustion of landfill, bio or other special gases within a temperature range from 1000 – 1200 °C.

In this temperature range the oxidising gas components are fully processed, thus greatly reducing the formation of nitrogen oxides. With a special burner technology and combustion chamber according to mass, the necessary “hot” zone is generated inside the combustion chamber, guaranteeing a high temperature combustion. In addition, the NOXtreme and all components used from the NOXmatic are manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The air feed for combustion as well as the temperature control can be achieved fully automatically upon request.


• High temperature combustion in the required temperature range for the complete processing of all oxidising components in the gas reducing the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) 

• Combustion chamber inner-lining is construted from ceramic 

• Fully customisable burner configuration 

• Combustion chamber technology from specialists

• Fully automatic control, flame monitoring and ignition 

• Made in Austria


• Manual or automatic regulation of 
the combustion temperature 

• Equipment for CDM applications 

• Winter packet (frost protection) 

• Multi-level burner = wider operating range 

• Pressure control 

• Gas blower incl. accessories 

• Spare parts set 

High Temperature Flare NOXtreme Datasheet Download