Landfill gasflare


Landfill gas cleaning and safe incineration

Every year, millions of tons of household garbage and other refuse are deposited in landfills around the world. Bio-chemical decomposition processes of organic bonds in these landfills produce up to 150 – 250 m³ of landfill gases per tonne of household garbage.

Due to a methane content of up to 60%, landfill gas ranks number six on the list of climate-disrupting methane producers worldwide, but it is also an important source of energy with enormous potential if used sensibly.

Up to a content level of approximately 40% methane, landfill gas may still be recovered usefully in modern block heating plants. The important factor in this case is an effective and project-specific pre-cleaning process for the gas.


We can help by providing you various gas cleaning systems, gas drying systems, and activated carbon filters, and pressure increasing stations. The components may be used as individual models or delivered as a complete system that is built into a container.

Landfill gas featuring less than 40% methane content is no longer sensible for use as energy and may be incinerated in an environmentally safe manner in special enclosed ennox high-temperature gas flare systems. Toxic and ozone-harming components of landfill gas are destroyed thermally in the process.

For temporary uses or when technologically possible, open landfill gas flares may also be used. We will provide you the right gas flare for any application including the correct incineration process!

ennox is one of the world’s leading providers in the area of preparation and recovery of landfill gas, and its excellent know-how, flexible and enthusiastic engineering and production team is always ready for new challenges