Manual gas flare

 Manual Gas Flare ECO

Manual Gas Flare ECO

The low-price solution for the price-conscious farmer!

Robust and compact manual gas flare for burning off biogas at agricultural biogas plants. Perfect for smaller new plants and for retrofitting to existing biogas plants.

The operation of the eco gas flare with a fermenter pressure of 3 mbar is possible although a minimum operating pressure of 10 mbar is always recommended. The eco gas flare ignites at the press of a button plus simultaneous actuation of the manual flap. To end the firing cycle, the manual flap is closed again. Eco 100 – 400 is supplied as a complete kit and can be quickly assembled on site according to the assembly instructions. With appropriate preparation (foundations),


The flare is ready for use after 1 – 2h of construction. Expansion to automatic operation is possible, comprehensive retrofitting kits are available at short notice


• Outstanding price/performance ratio

• Robust construction and simple, on site assembly

• Parts in contact with the gas are 
made of stainless steel 1.4571

• All other components are 
made of stainless steel 1.4301

• Incl. ignition transformer and electrode ignition 
battery ignition on request

• Incl. flame arrester and anchoring

 Manual Gas Flare ECO Datasheet Download