Double membrane gasholder


 Double Membrane Gas Holder DM

Double Membrane Gas Holder NOXstore DM

For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers a storage of the produced biogas is required. The holder is made up of two spherical shaped polymer membranes (other forms are also possible), lying one inside the other. The external membrane is maintained in a stable form with the use of an air blower. The external membrane then serves as protector for the inner membrane against the influence of environmental factors such as wind or snow. The gas is stored within the inner membrane. The pressure generated by the blower is applied to the outside surface of the inner membrane, thus, maintaining the system pressure from the biogas reactor. The movement of the inner membrane during inflation and deflation is recorded either with a cabled sensor or radar. The information is then converted into a level indication signal and sent to a central control system.

The regulation of the supporting air resulting in the stability of the external membrane is controlled by a standard pressure maintaining valve. A special over pressure valve is responsible for the safety within the inner membrane. Double membrane gasholders are available in various sizes, pressure classes and construction types. The design and specification of such systems is carried out according to the individual application requirements.


• Robust design with long lifetime

• Various storage forms and sizes up to approximately 5000 m³

• External membrane with inspection window

• Strong and resistant membrane material

• Short assembly time

• Supplied with hydraulic pressure maintaining valve as standard 


• Colour according to customer requirements

• External membrane can be customised (i.e. with logo)

• Technical calculations and specification  of the storage construction

• Can suit various system pressures

• Various systems for level measurement,  ATEX upon request

Double  Membrane  Gas  Holder  NOXstore  DM Technical  Data

Specified  and  manufactured  according to  the  actual  application  parameters.


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