Low pressure gasholder

 Low Pressure Gas Holder NOXstore (1)

Low pressure gas holder NOXstore

For the temporary storage of bio or sewage gas 
in a zero pressure environment conforming to the technical norms (DVGW, ÖWAV, SUVA, safety regulations for agricultural biogas systems SWA). The gas holders are available in various storage capacities ranging from 10 – 7,500m3. The storage of the biogas/sewage gas is achieved with a cylindrical gas bag which is freely hung in a building or silo. The silo serves, in this case, as an effective supporting and protective construction. The outside surface of the silo can be powder coated in any colour specified by the customer.

The gas bag is manufactured from a high quality polyester membrane (non-flammable, fungus repellent and methane/UV resistant) utilising
 the most modern frequency welding techniques.


• Robust design with long lifetime

• Gas balloon can be replaced

• Short assembly time, low maintenance

• Equipped with hydraulic under/over pressure safety system as standard

• Existing buildings (concrete silos) can be utilised

• Available in various sizes


• Colour as per customer specification 

• Various level emasurement systems, ATEX if required 

• Blower station EX Zone 1 available 

• Additional mechanical over pressure device as an option 

• Extensive range of accessories 
(condensate drain, gravel pot, measuring systems) 

• Maintenance and periodic service by fully trained 
and authorised personnel if required 

We can provide, according to the most stringent safety requirements, various additional systems for level indication, hydraulic and mechanical pressure regulation, explosion proof measuring systems as well as pressure boosting stations. Ennox offers not only the design, construction and installation of the gas storage system,
 but also the subsequent on-going inspection and maintenance of the system by fully qualified and authorised personnel.

Low Pressure Gas  Holder  NOXstore Technical  Data

Specified  and  manufactured  according to  the  actual  application  parameters.


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