Gas blower RAV


 Gas Blower RAV

Gas Blower RAV

Digesters and biogas reactors are normally designed and built to cover relatively low system pressures due to cost implications. In order to carry out effective cleaning of the system, operation of a consumer or transfer of the biogas, it is necessary to increase the operating pressure in the pipework.

We supply our customers with radial ventilators for the increase in system operating pressure, either as an individual unit or as a complete blower station with all internal pipework and instrumentation.


The ventilators can be either directly driven or equipped with a belt drive. They are suitable for ATEX zone 1. The flow rate can be infinitely adjusted by using an optional frequency inverter.

The radial ventilators are suitable for flow rates 
up to 2000 m3/h and a pressure increase up to 160 mbar (or 320 mbar with a multi-phase system).


• Suitable for ATEX Ex- Zone 1 

• Flat characteristic curves guarantee defined operating levels 

• Robust design with long lifetime 

• Low maintenance 

• Available for various pressures and flow rates 


• Complete blower station with pipework available

• Blower with direct or belt drive

• Multi-phase upon request

• Flow rate regulation with frequency inverter

• Weather and acoustic protection covers

Gas Blower RAV Technical  Data

Specified  and  manufactured  according to  the  actual  application  parameters.